Reliance Chemotex’s pursuit of perfect quality has benefitted immeasurably from the emphasis it places on awareness and change. We believe that cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art machinery is a small, albeit vital element that enables us to attain a world-class quality standard. Maintaining that standard, on the other hand, requires something far more intangible: a willingness to embrace change.

Our change-oriented work culture greatly influences the way we think, the way we solve problems and also forms the basis of our research and development efforts. Our management team’s focus on lean methodologies and belief in continuous improvement have taught us to learn from our mistakes and to constantly challenge our quality benchmarks. Today, we take tremendous pride in knowing that our yarns are the products of choice in the most demanding applications, across an imposing breadth of textile-related industries around the world.

Our goal

Customer Centricity

  • Mutual Learning

  • Respect

  • Trust

At Reliance Chemotex, we fervently believe that our existence as a textile manufacturer is justified primarily by the comprehensive satisfaction of our customers. We work hard to instil this notion of customer centricity in every one of our employees. Our goal is to attain a thorough understanding of what a customer values and to tailor our products and services to his needs. We have worked with several customers to engineer new yarns that have eventually redefined their raw material requirements and have collaborated with others to design more efficient production processes. Perhaps most importantly, we have over the years, managed to forge meaningful relationships on the foundation of mutual learning, respect, and trust.

Management with Humanity

At its core, Reliance Chemotex is a bonafide family business; however, we take pride in knowing that our progress has been nurtured not only by generations of the Shroff family but also by all the exceptional individuals who have, other the years, become a wholesale part of the Reliance Parivar.

We work hard to maintain an atmosphere of transparency, honesty, and mutual trust. This environment coupled with our innate respect for humanity constitutes the foundation on which our organisation has been built. We fiercely protect these guiding principles knowing fully well that organisational, personal and financial growth will be an inevitable outcome.