Reliance Chemotex
Reliance Chemotex Industries Limited

Business Profile

Reliance Chemotex Industries Limited was set up in 1977 by Mr.Shankar Lal Shroff as a synthetic yarn-spinning mill located in Udaipur, India. 

Presently, the company has 53,280 spindles with state-of-the-art machinery from blow-room to spinning and finishing. The company has its own HT/HP fibre-dyeing plant and also its own captive power generation. 

Reliance Chemotex's competitive advantage lies in its extremely versatile product range and commitment to quality. The company manufactures 100% Polyester, 100% Viscose, 100% Acrylic, 100% Bamboo Viscose as well as Polyester/Viscose, Polyester/Acrylic, Polyester/Viscose/Acrylic blended yarns. These yarns (which can be produced with raw-white, dope-dyed or fibre-dyed fibres) are intended for knitting, weaving, upholstery, carpet, medical or other industrial end-uses. The company’s count range is from Ne 6s to Ne 45s in single, double and multi-ply. 

Reliance Chemotex manufactures approximately 1250 tons of yarn monthly of which 800 tons is exported all over the world. The company has been extremely active in the export market since 1987 and has loyal customers around the world. The company has won numerous export awards from the Government of India including the State Award for Export Excellence and has also been recognised by the government first as a Star Export House and subsequently as a Trading House. 

Reliance Chemotex strives to forge meaningful relationships with its customers by following a philosophy of continuous improvement and dedicated customer service brought about by a hands-on management team that emphasises lean methodologies. The company invests considerable resources into research and development to ensure that its products consistently meet the quality expectations of even the most discerning manufacturers downstream. These ideologies have helped cement Reliance Chemotex's reputation as one of the foremost spinners of man-made fibres in India.